What is it we do?

Are you buying or selling for the first time and unsure why you need a conveyancer or what our role is?
Or have you bought or sold property before, but still aren’t exactly sure what a conveyancer actually does as part of the whole process?

We’ve put together this short one minute video to give a little overview of what it is that we actually do, from signing the contract, through to completing the settlement and everything in between.

The video also provides a brief explanation of the involvement we’ll need from buyers and sellers as part of the whole transfer process.

Of course, this is only a basic overview, when a client engages us to transfer ownership of a property or for other conveyancing services, we take the time to outline all the specific steps involves and exactly what we require from them and the timeframes we require them in.

Help when you need it

We also want to ensure the buying and selling process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so for this reason we also recently established a new service, called Eckermann Assist.

Eckermann Assist is an out-of-hours communication service for all Contract, Form 1 or conveyancing queries. Whether you’re an agent or another real estate professional, a current or a past client or are completely new to the property industry and have never before engaged a conveyancer, we’re available to answer your queries Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.00am – 9.00pm and on weekends and public holidays between 9.00am – 5.00pm.

We’d love to assist with your conveyancing needs, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call . You may also wish to peruse our library of conveyancing articles which we’ve developed, covering a wide range of tips and issues relating to conveyancing.