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Buying or selling property is exciting but it can also be stressful. Eckermann Conveyancers have been helping South Australians with their real estate transactions for more than 45 years.

Don’t wait for the settlement process to engage your conveyancer

In our opinion, it’s never too early to engage a conveyancer. At every step, from dealing with your real estate agents to complex legal documents, a conveyancer can help simplify the process.

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In Legal Terms, Conveyancing is the transmission of “real property” or real estate where the rights, title and interest are transferred from one entity to another.

Our licensed conveyancers oversee this complex transaction for you, liaising with your agent, financial institution and all other parties to ensure a smooth process.

Eckermanns is well-placed to support and work with you regardless of your location, with 6 office locations across SA. We have the appropriate technology infrastructure, cyber security and systems, including video conferencing and remote access capabilities, to operate with our clients anywhere in the world. You can contact us at any one of our offices for further information on our services. If you haven’t bought a property in South Australia before, check out our First Home Buyers information.

Remember you can access Eckermann Assist after hours and over the weekend if you have a question outside our office hours. While we are the largest conveyancing firm in South Australia, we ensure our service remains personal by having one dedicated file manager look after you during your transaction from beginning to end.

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Frequently asked questions

I want to subdivide my property. Can Eckermann Conveyancers help me?

If you’re looking to develop a property by subdividing, it’s important to understand the implications of different types of subdivisions so that you can make the best decisions for your site.

Whether you’re a developer, investor or a homeowner, our specialist Land and Community Division team is experienced in undertaking complex divisional-related conveyancing work, including land, community and community strata divisions, amalgamations, and easement transactions and will work closely with you through the entire division process to ensure you plan appropriately and navigate any potential issue effectivelys.

I have signed and contract to buy a house and I’ve been sent a Form1. What do I do next?

You should have your Form 1 examined by a Registered Conveyancer. Upon receipt of the Form 1, your two-day cooling off period begins. It is important that the Form 1 is reviewed to ensure that there is nothing within the legal information provided that will cause you concern as the purchaser. And if there is, you need to understand the implications.

If you appoint Eckermann Conveyancers to conduct your conveyancing we will review your Contract of Sale and Form 1 for you. Remember to get in touch as soon as you have both documents in hand because it’s then that the clock starts ticking.

Can I do my own conveyancing?

Property sale transactions of any kind are a minefield of legal documents and paperwork which can be complex, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming – this isn’t something you do every day so we wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself.

At Eckermanns we strive to provide the best of service to our clients regardless of which side of the transaction they are on. We do it every day of the working week. You can be assured that we will walk you through each step with a full and clear explanation and make this as stress-free an experience as possible.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership (the rights, title and interest) of Real Estate Property from one legal entity to another. A conveyancer is required for both sides of a real estate transaction – buying and selling

At Eckermanns, we have the knowledge, systems and expertise that you’ll need as you prepare for the official transfer of your new place into your own name. We deal with Residential, Commercial, Leasing, Subdivisions, Family transfers, Deceased Estates and more. We keep you updated throughout the journey from the start until finish, liaising with all parties to ensure that everything happens as planned.

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