Rarely do I write about internal or personal topics through this blog but today I believe it is worth noting something that took place this week because it captures how deeply Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers is committed to the conveyancing sector in South Australia.
As the title suggests, I’ve been re-elected as a councillor at the Australian Institute of Conveyancers SA AGM this week.
Like you, my life, work and commitments keep me busy but I believe there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained by being part of the organising group for any industry or interest that is important to your life.
Here’s why.

All on the same team

In the day to day cut and thrust of life, it is easy to be drawn down (and get lost within) the details of your tasks.
As you know, being at one with ‘the details’ is crucial in conveyancing, but unless we keep an eye on the bigger picture it is easy for the world to pass us by.
I joined the Institute as a councillor four years ago because through our planning work at Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers I could see major changes on the conveyancing horizon and wanted to be part of the group to help steer our industry through them.
It was an excellent move because although the people I work with are technically ‘competitors’, ultimately we are all on the same team as far as the public and the government are concerned and as we know, groups tend to have more influence than individuals when it comes to lobbying for change and making decisions about standards.

We convey as one

Many South Australians are caught up in the ‘Crows fever’ of finals football, drawn together by the slogan, We fly as one.
My reflection to leave you with is to encourage you to take part in any council, board or organising committee overseeing your industry, hobby, sport or community interests.
It will take extra time and add extra work to your week but few things will be as satisfying as helping guide a body of people to a ‘better place’.
And, at a personal level, I have found that taking that ‘helicopter view’ of my industry has helped me with better decision making in our planning deliberations at Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers, while being able to feed insights into the conveyancing sector drawn from our metropolitan and regional experiences around South Australia.
What group needs your time and wisdom?