Great news for existing HomeBuilder applicants! This week the Federal Government announced an extension of the deadline for submitting supporting documentation to assist those impacted by supply constraints and construction industry delays. Minister for Housing Julie Collins announced that eligible existing applicants who would miss the former Government’s deadline of 30 April 2023 would have until 30 June 2025 to provide supporting documentation to states and territories who administer the program on behalf of the Government.

This extension will only apply to existing, already approved HomeBuilder applicants who had received formal approval under the scheme for off-the-plan purchases or renovations. The government will work with states and territories to extend the deadline, and subject to their agreement, this decision will support those who had entered into financial commitments on the basis they would receive the grant but were affected by supply constraints and construction industry delays.

The extension will ease the burden on families across the country who were relying on the grant, ensuring that they receive the funds they were expecting.

Over the past couple of years, the housing construction industry has experienced lengthy delays and average construction timeframes for off-the-plan units have grown to more than two years. Based on the HomeBuilder grant requirements, applicants need to provide title documents to receive the grant. Title documents are not issued until construction is complete so that is problematic when there are delays.

The HomeBuilder program was a fantastic initiative by the government to stimulate the construction industry and support families building or renovating their homes. However, delays and supply constraints caused by the pandemic and increased demand have led to existing applicants facing difficulties in meeting the deadline for supporting documentation submission. Therefore, this extension is a welcome relief to those who were affected by these issues.

The extension of the HomeBuilder paperwork deadline is excellent news for existing applicants.