September in South Australia means the Royal Adelaide Show and it heralds the start of the spring real estate season.

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement, on both fronts, but if you are house hunting during this time of year, it pays to learn from the insights of wise showbag buyers when it comes to choosing your conveyancer.

So, roll up, roll up, let the ride begin!

Choosing showbags

Having helped my children make showbag buying decisions over the years, I know firsthand the tension they go through in the process.

The excitement of the Royal Adelaide Show, the colour and rush of the showbag pavillion and the lure of occasional ‘bargains’ amid the showbiz, draw us to make hasty decisions.

However, as my kids got older and started looking through the list of showbags before their visit, they started making better, more considered decisions.

The end result of this wiser approach was happier times for all involved.

Special offer. Order today for ‘show’ pricing

For many people, especially first time or occasional home buyers, choosing a conveyancer is full of mystery and uncertaintly, a bit like approach a lucky dip in sideshow alley.

As a result, some people make the mistake of diving in and choosing the cheapest conveyancer they can find, as I have written about previously here, Cheap conveyancer Adelaide? New data shows stakes too high to make that Google search.

But given what is at stake in your property settlement getting done correctly and on time, my counsel is to review a shortlist of conveyancers first, even while the world is distracted by spring and showtime all around you.

Thrills are for showrides, not property settlements

We know all of the risks involved in choosing a conveyancer not up to the job but in case you’ve never considered it, here is a summary.

Most of the horror stories we’ve heard about involving conveyancers fall into these common scenarios:

  • A one-person conveyancing office where the conveyancer falls ill at a crucial time in the settlement process
  • Conveyancers not confirming details closely enough, resulting in delays in documentation and possibly settlement
  • Conveyancers not dedicated to harass lending institutions to nurse settlement through, leading to delays

These are the main categories and it is worth noting that a settlement delay could affect your ability to move into your new property and in cases when you are selling as well, that could mean you spend a few nights or weeks ‘on the streets’ not to mention the possibility of bridging finance fees, etc.

So choose your conveyancer wisely so you can enjoy all the fun of the fair with peace of mind.

Photo Guarding the booty by Mike Coghlan via Flickr