I’ve enjoyed some great conversations with friends and family over the summer break thus far and one thing has struck me, this really is the time of year for reflecting on life.
As I reflect on the enquiries we typically get from new clients each January, many of them relate to life decisions made during the holidays.
It seems the holiday season brings to a head issues that might have simmering under the surface within relationships.
It also appears the New Year tends to make people want to turn over a new leaf and get off to a positive start.

Conveyancers help turn over new leaves properly

From a conveyancing perspective, this period of serious decision making requires equally serious diligence to make sure official forms, documentation and transfer protocols are followed, otherwise the new start will be hampered by unnecessary dramas.
One of the major decision areas that involves conveyancing relates to couples deciding to end their relationships and re-establish themselves individually.
Where we can help parties proceed through these processes with dignity is by ensuring transfers of jointly-held property take place smoothly.
There are a number of aspects involved in transferring titles and having an experienced conveyancer on your side can mean the difference between a rushed decision and a sound one.

That’s not my name anymore

Another aspect of separation can involve the changing of names.
Depending on a host of factors, many women decide to revert to their maiden names when a marriage relationship is over.
On the flip side their are women that have recently married who have taken their husband’s surname, if the women owned property prior to the marriage the name on the title would show the maiden name and need to be changed.
While name changes appear to be quite straightforward at surface level, there are quite a few hoops to jump through and institutions that need notifying.
Making even tiny errors in a name change process can lead to nightmarish delays in access to funds or property
I have written before about settlement delays leading to inconvenience, but mistakes in name changing processes can be a terrible burden at a time with emotional resilience is at its lowest.
While our team does wish you a bright, happy and prosperous New Year, we are also earnest in encouraging you to seek professional support if you find yourself needing to negotiate major life changes after the summer break.
A small cost now to ensure things are done right can pay a big dividend in happiness and stability in the next chapter of your life.