Buying or selling property is arguably one of the largest and most exciting, yet potentially stressful transactions you will undertake. At Eckermann Conveyancers we make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

However, there are some people in South Australia for whom the dream of owning a home is beyond their reach or even beyond imagining. This is where Habitat for Humanity enters the picture.

This inspirational organisation is an affiliate of the Australia-wide organisation which has built or repaired more than 800,000 homes worldwide.  Habitat for Humanity South Australia has built or improved over 120 homes, since building their very first home in South Australia 25 years ago.

Much more than bricks and mortar

Habitat For Humanity believes everyone should have a safe and decent place to live, so it pulls together volunteers, corporate supporters and communities in need and builds homes so families have the opportunity to be healthier, happier and more secure.

A decent home provides much more than bricks and mortar – it provides real hope for the future.

Sweat equity

Habitat For Humanity provides a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out’ in helping low-income families achieve the dream of building and owning their own home.

Their model is based largely on partnerships.  Families who enter into partnership with Habitat For Humanity contribute 200 hours of their own time in the planning and construction phases, including providing labour. This is called ‘sweat equity’ and is recognised in the five percent discount on market value that Habitat for Humanity returns to them. These families are therefore able to buy the finished home at a much lower price than otherwise would be possible.

Families are selected based on income, need and willingness to work in partnership with the organisation. Volunteer labour and where possible, donated materials are used to keep costs low. When Habitat homes are sold to partner families they are financed through affordable long-term loans.

As part of Habitat for Humanity’s pay-it-forward model, proceeds from the house sale then go towards building new homes for other families in need.

Raise the Roof!

Eckermann Conveyancers and the entire Eckermann Group are extremely proud to support Habitat for Humanity South Australia, and congratulate them on their 25th anniversary of helping South Australians to build or improve a place they can call home.

We attended Habitat For Humanity South Australia’s ‘Raise the Roof’ event on Friday night to help them raise hope and funds to continue their important work in South Australia.

The event honoured all that the Habitat For Humanity community has achieved to date and highlighted all that the organisation looks forward to accomplishing in the next 25 years and beyond.

A life-changing break

Connecting with Habitat For Humanity gives people a life-changing break. The organisation helps guide people through the tangled web of legal and financial complexities surrounding the purchase of a home, even including financial educational training for partnered families.

In line with our vision to make a difference to the lives of South Australians, it has been a pleasure working with Habitat for Humanity and handling conveyancing as new homes are transferred to new owners.

There is always excitement and anticipation surrounding the handing over of a new home and we are delighted to be able to play an important role when a Habitat For Humanity family realises their dream of owning their very own home.