We’ve all been there.
A retailer, bank, tradie or other service provider has listened to your needs, promised to deliver and then either misses deadlines or makes costly mistakes.
I’m proud to say that is NOT the way we operate at Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers and the secret is we understand we’re all human.
Because conveyancing is a profession that demands extraordinary attention to detail, we have developed scores of systems in our four decades of operation to make sure our conveyancers do not rely on their grey matter alone.
And it seems our approach is what is needed to counter some of the horror stories involving conveyancers in Sydney captured in the Michael Yardney Property Update article, Choosing the wrong conveyancer,

Signs you’ve chosen the wrong conveyancer

In the article, there is a list of woes that can befall home buyers and vendors when they’ve made a bad choice of conveyancer.
The most common problems as the article details include difficulty in contacting your conveyancer, they make you miss the cooling off period, they give out of date information, miss deadlines for payments, overlook important searches, and the list goes on.
As you can see, Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers’ clients avoid the heartache and costs associated with these shortcomings because we’ve invested heavily in setting up some internal systems that prompt and guide conveyancers through the process, and coupled these systems with direct phone and email access for all team members.

The post conveyancing nightmares we help you avoid

Disturbingly, the article lists a number of post conveyancing nightmares that some clients experience when they’ve chosen a solo conveyancer or a poorly organised one.
This more detailed list covers oversights that most likely won’t be obvious until later, such as:

  • Not being alerted to development applications nearby that will block views (especially important in coastal areas)
  • Strata scheme problems
  • Discovery that extensions have not been approved by Council
  • Outstanding land tax or water rates

Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers’ team members are properly trained but our internal systems support their ‘humanness’ by prompting them to leave no stone unturned. It’s the best of both worlds!
Picking up on my theme from last week, it seems a growing number of conveyancers are facing professional indemnity cases and claims but intriguingly, these numbers are primarily affecting the ‘cheap end of town’ where conveyancers have been running skin-of-the-teeth practices and competing on price.
So while I risk sounding like a broken record, it is heartening to find more voices in the marketplace urging vendors and home buyers to take their choice of conveyancer seriously and consider their selection as an investment in their real estate portfolio rather than an unavoidable cost.

Photo Brain Lobes via Flickr