If you’re a real estate agent who still laboriously prepares Form 1 documentation for your vendors, you might be harming them rather than helping them.
As we all know, documentation surrounding property sales and transfers is some of the most important paperwork in society; get it wrong and you soon learn that livelihoods, reputations, even relationships, are often at stake.
Enter Eckermann Forms.
Here’s why we created this sister business, and why it is a valuable asset to busy, professional real estate agents.

Paperwork and pressure never work well together

In a busy real estate practice, one of the most frustrating aspects of selling and generating income is the down time doing paperwork.
And in our experience, Form 1 preparation exacts the greatest toll on star agents because although the Form 1 is crucial to finalising a sale smoothly, it bogs down great salespeople in skills that are not natural to them.
From a vendor’s perspective, they are relying upon and expecting their agent to be dedicating their time to marketing and promoting their property, not sitting in an office doing paperwork for other vendors’ Form 1s.
Sales people understand this and that adds even more pressure, which is exactly the combination of elements for a typo, an oversight or an error.
What complicates matters further is that Form 1 preparation is becoming more technical each year and tend to arrive in bursts, throwing routines out of order and demanding attention at times of greater pressure than normal.

Peace of mind is priceless

It often strikes me that Eckermann Forms works in two ways to bring comfort to the real estate industry (much like you hear in advertising of medications with twin active ingredients):

  • Agents enjoy less down time by handing over Form 1 preparation to respected industry partner that has highly trained staff, a large team enabling year round service without interruption and a powerful network of conveyancing and legal support for complex scenarios
  • Vendors enjoy the reassurance that specialists are handling the paperwork that stands between them and a sound, profitable transaction

I believe that agents offering to Vendors to outsource the preparation of Form 1s to a company like Eckermann Forms are the ones most in line with this quote from the great business thinker and speaker, Tom Peters:

The thing that keeps a business ahead of the competition is excellence in execution

Perhaps taking a look at the Eckermann Forms website or having a chat with them today, might be just the thing that gives your agency the edge this year.