When you’re choosing a conveyancer in Adelaide or South Australia, it’s worth knowing that the team at Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers is flexible enough to give you the journey style you prefer.
For example, some of us like taking the wheel when we travel, others are quite happy being active passengers, while some people appreciate the luxury of being chauffeur driven.
Feedback from our clients shows us we’re pretty good at accommodating your conveyancing journey preferences.

Hands on the wheel

There are some conveyancing situations where your conveyancer needs to dig deeper into the detail that is the typical.
It is times like these when our clients rightfully wish to be close to the action to navigate the bumps and avoid the pot holes, like Jodie G:

“Our experience as previously was exceptional. Kim worked with us through issues which were most helpful.”

There is a great deal of satisfaction from seeing journeys like these through to the end.

Active passengers

Because our work as conveyancers involves making sure title in property or other assets transfers safely from one party to another, or even between multiple parties, it is not uncommon that some of our clients appreciate detailed updates on progress without getting bogged down in the detail.
John was such a client:

“Professional, friendly, prompt, every step was clearly defined and just took the stress out of this time of buying and moving. Just a big thank you to Nicole Zeoli.”

We believe it is crucial that you get a good view of your conveyancing journey, which is why feedback like John’s is so satisfying to our team.

Baby, you can drive my car

And, finally, we do have some clients who have engaged us to handle their conveyancing matters so many times they are comfortable just sitting back, letting us handle everything and being happy just to be told we’ve arrived at the destination.
As Maureen P reported back to us:

“Nicole made the whole process smooth and stress free.”

So, I hope you’ll feel safe and secure in choosing us to be your conveyancers because you know we’ll be able to accommodate your needs.