In many ways, Eckermann Conveyancers provides a reading service for property owners and buyers in South Australia.
Our job is to stay abreast of changes in legislation and regulations so that when you have conveyancing needs you can be confident our calculations and processing will have taken all the latest settings into account.
Which saves you from mountains of reading.
Just this week, alone, brought our conveyancing team a mailbox full of reading from Revenue SA relating to a myriad changes to rules and levies.
So, if you’re curious about the documents we read so you don’t have to, here they are.

South Australian Land Tax legislation 2015-16

The latest Guide to Land Tax legislation in South Australia has been released this week.
The guide contains 32 pages outlining provisions of the Land Tax Act 1936 and the Land Tax Regulations 2010 in relation to:

  • calculation of tax payable;
  • payment of tax, interest and penalty tax;
  • exemptions available to a taxpayer;
  • obligations of a taxpayer;
  • taxpayers’ rights of objection in respect of land tax; and
  • important information for purchasers of land.

Where the value comes to the fore of having a professional conveyancer on your team is when you realise that this bout of detailed reading does not settle your responsibilities, as the Guide makes clear:

The contents of this Guide are current at the time of printing but may be subject to change in the future.

And it is the continuity of monitoring those changes that makes our work ever changing and always crucial.

But wait, there’s more for property owners and buyers to read

In addition to the Guide mentioned above, Revenue SA also sent three information circulars this week. They are:

  • Information Circular 80: Advises the interest rate applied to tax defaults or refunds for 2015-16.
  • Information Circulars 81 and 82: Summary of changes for land tax and the emergency services levy.

All these regulations can have an impact on the transferring of title between parties and it is why we find our work so satisfying: It is extremely satisfying helping clients navigate these complexities with confidence and clarity.
So, perhaps you can read a novel this week instead!