If there is one thing people in professional services can do for their clients and industry it is to use their knowledge to make life easier for others.
In the complex world of contracts and regulation, conveyancers provide their value by making conveyancing simple and reliable for all parties involved.
With that aim in mind, Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers has just published the updated conveyancing guide for financial year 2016.

Why create the Conveyancing Information Pack?

Eckermann Conveyancers produces the Conveyancing Information Pack each year so that busy real estate agents can have reminders, guides and ‘what next’ information at their fingertips.
Even experienced agents need memory prompts when encountering clients with specific needs they haven’t dealt with for a while.
For this reason, the pack not only names a range of conveyancing situations it also includes step-by-step guides on the correct and most efficient process for seeing clients through from beginning to end.
To save time, agents can bookmark this link for ready referencing: Conveyancing Information Pack.

What’s inside the conveyancing guide?

Some of the topics covered in the guide include:

  • Settlement for sale or purchase of a property
  • Land divisions including fee schedules
  • Community title division including fee schedules
  • Transfers between family members and couples
  • Transfers between business partners
  • Farming and rural transfers
  • Preparation and lodgement of caveats
  • Preparation and lodgement of private mortgages

We also include stamp duty and land titles registration fees, making the Conveyancing Information Pack a handy resource for busy real estate agents and other real estate professionals.
And when you couple this guide with our conveyancing services and our sister company, Eckermann Vendor Statements for Form 1 preparation, you get to see how we approach our role of trying to make life simpler and more efficient for those we serve.