When you have personnel with names like, March, April, Mei, and June, you know ’tis the season for choosing Eckermann Conveyancers.

Given that we spend our lives plotting conveyancing by months, weeks, days, and even hours, we’ve noticed something quirky that we had to share with you.

But, as it happens, the “April” from our calendar team, April Tu (Team Leader for Office Services at the Eckermann Group), is due to give birth to her first child any day, so we’ve only managed to capture three months from the Eckermann Conveyancers season.

Introducing the “months” of the season for choosing Eckermann Conveyancers

In the photo, above, we have Holly March (she actually still goes by Holly Clarke while at work) who works for Eckermann Lawyers, Mei Li (whose real name is Hongmei Li) who is an accountant for McCourts, based in our building, and June Hu, who is the Accounts person for the Eckermann Group.

We’ll need to check this with April when she returns, but I’d like to see us start recruiting for a July, August, and September as soon as possible! If you do have one of these names be sure to apply for one of our upcoming vacancies, you’ll be sure to put to the top of the pile!!