Unlike residential properties, farming land and rural properties can include plant, equipment, stock, water rights, just to name a few different factors.
If you are considering transferring, purchasing or selling a rural property, here are some tips from your conveyancer…
Farming and rural transfers, purchases and sales vary greatly from one transaction to another. There are a number of steps involved and your Conveyancer can assist you along the way.
In addition to all of the necessary steps and processes for the transfer, purchase or sale of residential property, rural land can also involve many different aspects including, but not limited to:

  • transfer of water licences which are normally exempt from stamp duty
  • compliance with the Central Irrigation Trust or SA Water requirements
  • walk in/walk out situations with stock, plant and equipment on hand
  • family farm transfers where stamp duty exemptions may apply

The fees and charges also vary greatly and your conveyancer can provide you with further information about this.
Not sure what to do next? It is now time to contact your Conveyancer to commence the transfer, purchase or sale process. Your Conveyancer will prepare the necessary legal documents, while liaising with your financier(s) to ensure that this is a pain free experience for you.
Please ensure to obtain the right advice from the right professional as these transfers, purchases and sales can be quite involved, if they are not completed correctly they can become a very expensive and emotionally draining transactions.