Is South Australia becoming the hub of technical innovation in real estate?
It seems the answer might be yes.
You have already had me write about Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers been at the forefront of online conveyancing technology in South Australia. See E-conveyancing: It is sending chills down the spines of some conveyancers and lawyers.
Now a local building and architecture firm, Chasecrown is set to challenge the old model of builders building display homes.
This is the state of disruption and change.

Virtual reality meets architecture

In the In Daily article, SA virtual reality tech could spell end for display homes, Chasecrown director, Louis Kanellos, says the constant burden of planning and investing in physical display was frustrating him ‘from a logistical and cost perspective’.

Instead of investing at least 18 months and millions of dollars in building and holding a display home, the new virtual reality model will take about 8 weeks and cost a fraction of price of bricks and mortar.

According to the article, clients get to wear a headset and move around in real time, looking up, looking down, looking through a virtual representation of their new home.
And with a flick of a switch, Chasecrown personnel can swap the colour of fittings and fixtures and show other variations in a fully immersive way.
It also means real estate agents can use the technology for holding virtual open inspections.

Doing real estate smarter

The common thread running through this story, its future use in inspections, and with our previous stories about e-conveyancing developments is that the parties involved all want to do things a smarter way.
There is no doubt these new developments deliver cost savings to the industry but that typically means older, more time and resource consuming ways have been done away with.

Don’t fear. I am not announcing a new 3D headset service to let you watch us manage your settlement process.

However, e-conveyancing will certainly make all the steps and processes more readily trackable.
E-conveyancing will also help us build on our heritage of giving clients as much or as little involvement in the conveyancing process as they want or need, with faster times and lower costs all part of the mix.