Choosing a real estate agent to sell your house is one of the most important yet difficult decisions to make. The relationship between you and your agent is a mutually beneficial one – if it ends in a sale, you both stand to gain financially. There are plenty to choose from but how do you select the right one?
Make sure you choose a Real Estate Agent that you trust as they are responsible for the majority of the selling process including listing and marketing your property, liaison with prospective buyers follow up and negotiation and the legal side of the sale. You need to feel confident that your agent can get your property seen by a large number of potential buyers to ensure that the selling price is maximised.
Below are the top 10 tips that we have compiled for you to assist you with choosing a real estate agent that is right for you and your property:

  1. Talk to your network, especially those that have sold a property lately and ask for their recommendations
  2. Research local agents (go to some opens in your area) who have sold similar properties to yours recently (visit the various real estate websites for ‘sold prices’ or ‘recent sales’)
  3. Over 80% of people search for a property online so, review what each agent offers from an online advertising perspective – understand your options
  4. Also ask to see examples of flyers and brochures for properties similar to yours
  5. Shortlist a few agents in your area and ask them for a valuation Note: the highest valuation is not always the best
  6. Ask the agent or your financial institution for a current market summary for your area (median house price, recent sales etc.) and the sales history of your property
  7. Consider the different approaches to fee structures – commission vs fixed fees and determine the best approach for you
  8. Discuss the timelines with your shortlist to ensure they can meet any that you are restricted to
  9. Discuss the advertising options with your shortlist and make sure you check their terms before signing an agreement
  10. Lastly, make sure your agent keeps you updated throughout the selling process – you can also ask them to register your email on the various real estate sites for a weekly update on ‘property views’

All the best with the sale of your property this Spring and if you get completely stuck, talk to your conveyancer (or us) and we will happily talk to our network for you and recommend an agent in your area.
(Photo by Images_of_Money via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)