When you buy or sell real estate in Adelaide and South Australia, conveyancers are working for you at more levels than you might realise.
Conveyancers take on the responsibility of wading through documents relating to sales and contracts (including Form 1 documents also know as the Vendor’s Statement) to make sure you are not caught out by nasty surprises.
However, recent changes to legislation started weighing down some home buyers with long, heavy documentation filled with irrelevant pages.

Calling in the big guns: The Australian Institute of Conveyancers

As an industry group, the Australia Institute of Conveyancers SA Division (AICSA), has worked hard to persuade the South Australian Government to reinstate some provisions that had previously let the Vendor and their Agent omit parts of the Form 1 documentation that were not relevant or applicable to many home buyers.

At Eckermann Steinert Conveyacers we were often concerned by how overwhelmed some buyers had become when they saw the volume of these documents.

For example, for many ‘conventional’ transfers of private homes and apartments, these latest changes will mean that you will be able to see the key points of a Form 1 in a 10-page document, rather than having to wade through 70 pages to find that same information.

Yet another practical way the conveyancing industry helps make life easier

Eckermans thanks the AICSA for lobbying for these changes because it is directly in line with our own aim of making all sorts of property transactions as transparent and easily understood as possible.
Next time you buy or sell real estate, please be proactive and get your conveyancer on your team at the beginning of the journey so you have a strong relationship with the person or team that will be watching your back.