Here are the duties of a conveyancer when appointed to act in the settlement on the purchase of a property. Your conveyancer will also attend to numerous other matters that arise and answer any queries that you may have to ensure that your property settlement is carried out as efficiently and as smoothly as possible


  1. Take written instructions from you regarding correct spelling of names, addresses and how your new property will be held (e.g. Joint Tenants, Tenants in Common or as Trustees)
  2. Prepare the Transfer document
  3. Obtain your authority to sign the Transfer on your behalf
  4. Provide the certifications required on the Transfer under the Real Property Act.
  5. Liaise with your financial institution and/or mortgage broker (if applicable) and determine when they will be ready to settle.
  6. Confirm with the real estate agent that any Special Conditions of the Contract have been fulfilled. As we don’t visit the property we need to rely on you or the agent to confirm that anything required has been completed.
  7. Carry out Government and Semi-Government searches including a Title search from Land Services SA.
  8. Register a Priority Notice with Land Services SA to secure priority for your transaction.
  9. Subscribe you to the Eckermann Watch service so that we can notify you of any dealings or important activity made on your title for the next 5 years. This is optional but we recommend it.
  10. Calculate and pay the stamp duty applicable on your purchase.
  11. Complete your Verification of Identity Requirements and ensure you have signed your Client Authorisation.
  12. Prepare a Settlement statement detailing the purchase price, deposit paid, stamp duty, adjustment of rates and taxes, Government fees and Conveyancer’s charge, and arrange how and when the settlement money is to be paid.
  13. Arrange and prepare for settlement to either take place electronically at a mutually agreed time with the Vendor’s Conveyancer and outgoing/incoming banks.
  14. Once settlement has been completed, call you to advise you of your settlement.
  15. Contact the real estate agent so that they are able to hand keys over to you.
  16. Advise Council, SA Water / Central Irrigation Trust and your Strata Manager, about the change of ownership.

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