Eckermann Group-owned reaforms is excited to unveil its latest transformation – Greatforms. This state-of-the-art compliance technology platform is meticulously designed to empower real estate professionals by supercharging operational efficiency, reducing risk, and streamlining compliance processes.



Greatforms is not just another tool for agents; it’s a powerhouse solution developed to address the significant challenges faced by the real estate sector today. It stands out for its ability to minimise risk exposure for agents, enhance operational ease and speed when they are working with vendors and purchasers, and delivers a sophisticated and polished experience to all parties to real estate transactions. Ultimately, it will reduce errors and increase certainty for consumers.

Eckermanns purchased SA-owned reaforms in February 2021 and began development of the new technology following extensive market sounding with agencies, sales agents and their clients. Developing a deep understanding of the challenges facing sales agents and agency principals in working through the sales agency agreement signup, Form 1, contract and offer process was key to ensuring a fit for purpose product.

The key features of Greatforms:

  • Comprehensive Property Folders: A unified solution integrating Sales Agency Agreements, Form 1, and complete management of Contracts, Purchasers, and Offers.
  • Purchaser Portal: An innovative platform allowing purchasers to effortlessly access, sign, and submit offers, enabling instant generation of contracts.
  • Effortless Form 1 Service and Tracking: Integrated directly within the Property Folder for seamless management.
  • Instant Search Orders and Form 1 Preparation: Powered by partnerships with Land Services SA and Eckermann Property Forms for quick and efficient processing.
  • Advanced Document Crafting: Featuring live PDF previews, validation rules, and pro tips for unmatched document quality.
  • Simplified Compliance: Streamlines compliance for GST, GST withholding, CGT withholding, and pools, together with smart auto-calculations.
  • Customisable Electronic Signing: Minimises data entry with automated APIs for street addresses and legal land descriptions, and customisable electronic signing options.

Greatforms has been built initially for sales transactions in South Australia. The new technology will be built out to property management as well as interstate in coming months. If you’re not yet using Greatforms and you’re ready to say goodbye to complexity with Sales Agency Agreement and Contract templates that are in plain English and tailored to your brand, then contact