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Get to know Barry Mutton

I’ve been in the IT game for more than 20 years and I joined Eckermanns as CIO in 2020. I’ve been Adelaide based my whole life and for the most part, I’ve worked with SA based businesses and it’s a good feeling to see local companies grow and succeed.

My role at Eckermanns is rewarding because I get a good balance of creating solutions for issues as they arise and being involved in the more strategic change that future proofs the business.

With two young kids I keep myself pretty occupied away from the office but when I do have some time, I don’t mind a round of golf.

What Eckermanns values mean to me

For me this is about having empathy…knowing that the problem you’re solving for an individual is something that’s all encompassing for them. I need to recognise that for them, it’s a big deal.

I’m a believer in doing what I say I’m going to do – no exceptions

Real Solutions
Solutions is what I do – continual improvement that is sometimes backed by new technology but not always – sometimes it’s just a smarter process

Teamwork and Collaboration
While I’m an individual contributor in some respects, I collaborate with every individual in the business right from the day they join us. That’s a bit unique. External collaboration is a focus of my role too

Consistent Quality
My customers are for the most part, internal. So this is about giving them the service they need, where and when they need it

I really dislike complexity for the sake of complexity so this for me is often about having the integrity to call that out where I see unnecessary complexity. Know your purpose and stick to the path

Innovation is creating efficiency and ensuring that people are only doing things that create value for themselves or our clients


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