Looking for Conveyancer Adelaide in Google is one way to find conveyancing services in South Australia but when most people know so little about the role conveyancers play it is not surprising that our five most read articles have been about specific questions relating to real estate and property transfer.
The five articles below are the top five most read articles from our Conveyancing Articles section on this website.
As you’ll see, they all hone in on specific questions.
So, in case you’ve missed any of them, here are some links to bring them to your attention for reading and sharing with friends and family who might soon be needing a conveyancer.

Transferring your house to your spouse: Insights from a conveyancer

It is quite common for couples, either married or in a defacto relationship as well as recently separated, to transfer all or part of an ownership of their matrimonial home between partners or former partners. However, it is not all plain sailing and requires almost as much commitment as the relationship itself! If you are considering a transfer of your matrimonial home, here are some tips from your conveyancer. Read the full article here.

Purchasing a Property as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common? Which one should you choose?

When purchasing real property, that is, a land, a house, a unit, or a lease hold property where the interest in the property is to be held by two or more people, you will be asked the question by your Conveyancer if you would like to be registered on the Certificate of Title as either Joint Tenants or as Tenants in Common. We understand that these terms are most likely not ones that you will come across very often so it’s worth explaining the difference giving you a clearer understanding. Read the full article here.

New Year, New Laws in South Australian Real Estate

New rules come into effect in the New Year, affecting a number of areas within Real Estate in South Australia. From a conveyancer’s perspective, this means our role becomes more important than ever to guide you through your transactions and make sure none of the parties in your transactions makes costly mistakes. What do I hear for new auction pricing? One of the changes that will immediately impact vendors and buyers is the new legislation around the setting of an ‘acceptable price’. Read the full article here.

Transferring, selling or buying a farm: There’s more to living on the land than land

Unlike residential properties, farming land and rural properties can include plant, equipment, stock, water rights, just to name a few different factors. If you are considering transferring, purchasing or selling a rural property, here are some tips from your conveyancer. Read the full article here.

Who’s buying a house over summer? Tips for first timers

A lot of things happen over summer holidays. Some of us evaluate our careers and goals, some get engaged and others decide it is time to buy or build a house. If you are in that last category, you might be tempted by the State Government’s First Home Owners Grant, or FHOG as it is known. There is no doubt the grant is a welcome bonus to take advantage of, but decades of conveyancing experience overseeing property transfers does put it in a different light for my team. Read the full article here.
I hope you find these articles helpful and if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers team in any of our four offices around South Australia.