The Planning and Design Code Phase 3, which impacts urban councils and those within regional towns and cities, came into effect on 19th March 2021. This means the full Code has now rolled out across the entire State of South Australia. With the intention of creating a faster, simpler and fairer planning process, the Planning and Design Code replaces the 72 development plans that previously operated across South Australia. 

Keep reading to learn more about how the Planning and Design Code Phase 3 will potentially unlock additional development sites across the state, or get in touch with our conveyancers if you have any questions.


  • What is the Planning and Design Code?
  • What is PlanSA?
  • What does the Planning and Design Code Phase 3 mean for you?

What is the Planning and Design Code?

Underpinned by the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, the Planning and Design Code is part of the new planning system in South Australia. Designed to replace the previous council development plans, this code will help create a more efficient, effective and responsive planning system.

What is PlanSA?

PlanSA is an online planning system where South Australians can lodge development applications online, track Planning and Design Code amendments, track the progress of applications and more. 

What does the Planning and Design Code Phase 3 mean for you?

The changes to Adelaide’s planning laws and the implementation of the Planning and Design Code Phase 3 appear to have resulted in a net increase of 68,000 blocks that are now subdividable according to the latest report from Point Data

The increase in sites with development potential tends to be in local government areas that are lower density. While on the other hand, higher density areas like Unley, Campbelltown, Mitcham and Walkerville may actually see reduced capacity for residential subdivisions

This is great news for first home buyers who are finding it increasingly difficult to buy a property in the currently hot South Australian property market. 

Hopefully the new Code will mean that developers can source these new opportunities and create increased stock to satisfy the demand for housing; particularly at entry level.

Eckermann conveyancers are here to help

The process of creating land divisions and community divisions can be very complex. At Eckermanns, our specialist land division team provides services to the smallest of developers — from simple one into two allotments, through to more complex divisions into many allotments. We can also assist with Torrens Titled or Community Titles Divisions depending on what is required for the particular property. 

We recommend that you engage a reliable surveyor to assist with conducting the necessary surveys that will allow you to create a proposed plan of your intended division. 

If you want to do some preliminary due diligence, take a look at the PlanSA website, enter the current property address and you can source the Assessment Pathway and Policies that relate to your property of interest. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced conveyancers or use the Eckermann Assist Service after hours.

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